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Computer Science GCSE

About This Qualification

WJEC's new GCSE Computer Science specification, designed to address concerns expressed by the Royal Society and the Computing at School Working Group about computing education in the United Kingdom, is now fully accredited for teaching from September 2012.  This linear specification is available in both England and Wales for first assessment in summer 2014.

The specification offers students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the way computers work, and to create and review computer programs for real-life purposes based on their own interests. It encourages them to create their own games, applications and other systems, rather than simply use those designed by others.

WJEC provides, and will continue to provide, GCSE Computer Science qualifications which meet the needs of teachers and the requirements of regulators in both England and Wales.

Assessment is divided into three units:

  1. Understanding Computer Science (45%) - 90 minute examination to assess understanding of the theory content of the specification.
  2. Solving Problems Using Computers (30%) - 2 hour external assessment to assess the practical application of knowledge and understanding through a series of on-screen tasks.
  3. Developing Computing Solutions (25%) - internally assessed and externally moderated 15 hour controlled assessment to develop a piece of work using programming software following a task brief issued by WJEC. There is a choice of two task briefs which can be found here.

 Why choose WJEC?

  • This bold and exciting course provides students with a stimulating and motivating study of computer science fit for the 21st century.
  • WJEC consulted widely and the majority of teachers expressed concerns about the excessive burden of time needed to complete controlled assessments.  The WJEC controlled task is limited to 15 hours to minimise this burden and give more teaching time.
  • Another distinctive feature of the specification is the opportunity for students to demonstrate their programming and problem solving skills, skills that are assessed through external assessment in unit two.
  • The depth of coverage means that it provides a solid foundation for either the study of A level Computing or employment. 
  • Direct access by telephone and email to subject specialists.

Latest News

A new resource to accompany our GCSE Computer Science qualification is now available.

GCSE Computer Science now included in the EBacc measure 

WJEC is delighted to announce that WJEC GCSE Computer Science is now included in the EBacc measure. 

Specimen assessment materials (SAMs) are now available on our documents page. This material, based on the original specimen assessments, has been developed to give examples of a range of question types.

The Computer Science controlled tasks for candidates entering in summer 2016 are available here.

Reformed QualificationsEduqas logo

Various GCSE and GCE qualifications are being reformed for first
teaching in 2015, first award in 2017.

Draft WJEC specifications for reformed qualifications in Wales will be available on the WJEC website shortly.

Reformed WJEC qualifications in England will be provided under a new WJEC brand, Eduqas. Draft specifications for these reformed qualifications in England will be available on the Eduqas website shortly.

For information relating to all reformed qualifications offered by WJEC in England, please visit the Eduqas website.

Key Dates

Current examinations timetable

Grade Boundaries (UMS /Raw Marks)

Raw/UMS grade boundaries.

Key Resources

Download the specification and sample assessment materials, or contact the Subject Officer.

The online notes for theory 1 are now available on the secure website. 


Continuing Professional Development

CPD Courses can be booked here.

For more information, please contact:

Ian Gillam - Subject Officer
Telephone: 029 2026 5137
E-mail: ian.gillam@wjec.co.uk

Clare Williams - Subject Support Officer
Telephone: 029 2026 5059
E-mail: clare.williams@wjec.co.uk

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